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Estate Agents & Landlords Welcomes

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Reliable terms & facilities we provide to make Landlords sitt back

1. Fitting & Connecting Appliances

All the Fitting jobs is carried out with all due professional care and trained Engineers.

2. Repairs

if the appliances is still under Ocean Gauranteed shall not be held responsible for damage caused by fault of Tenants on broken part or germs/coins stuck in the water pump. We will detect the damage during a professional inspection. we do taken care of any technical fault under our policy.  if your appliances not purchased from OCEAN then you will be charge onces the Repair completed. If the appliances needs part we also supply that.  We always required 1day notice to book your job as we want to make sure to give our best excelent service and facilities.

3. Returning the item

All of our Brane New Product carry out Gauranteed by its own makes Manufacture. Which means incase of any fault or damage it will be under the Maniufacture Gauranteed. But if you purchase our Greaded or Refurbish product then the Gaurantee will be carry out by OCEAN Engnineers.  We alwyas provide the Fast and Reliable Service to have our customer satisfactions.

Once Engineer inspect the job reported the out come of the inspection if the expensive or not repairable then appliances will be replace with the same specification as the perivously purchased and the Gaurantee will be same and continued to the end of agreement. 

If the Gauranteed have expired with us and Appliances comes faulty you can still come to us as long as the proof of the purchase is available and you will be givin 50% discount on the Rerpair of Appliances or niether you get the part for free but you will be charge for laboure.  

4. Delivery

we always require the Tennats Contact numbers to arrange the convinence Delivery time and again just in case the driver's would call the tennats half an hour before he attend the address to make sure someone in the house to inspect the delivery. 

5. Limited liability

Ocean shall be liable to the full and unlimited amount for the loss of items at the replacement cost. For damage caused during Delivery, the Driver shall be liable only when gross negligence can be proved and then to the full and unlimited cost of replacement. Liability shall otherwise be limited to the price of Appliances.



For more information to read refer to our Terms & Condition 



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